Cristina Irian

Some say Cristina has several lives. Her life as a photographer unexpectedly started about seven years ago while she was conducting some kind of sociological research in rural areas across Romania. From then on she attended several photography courses and finally graduated from “Francisc Mraz” School of Photography in Bucharest. She had and participated in more than 20 exhibitions both in Romania and abroad. Her most recent one with Andreea Ciolacu  and named “ALT.UNDEVA.AICI” was staged in Sibiu, Craiova and at The National Library of Romania in Bucharest and met considerable interest among  the public.

This website is a journey, a kind of an electronic breathing organism. Its content is divided into four cardinal directions starting from Bucharest, km 0, where this journey began. All images are given a certain direction according to this very personal compass. The imaginary map built within this website will keep expanding over the course of time and following the visual interests of the author. For the time being, besides the privilege of exploring the world from the window of a camera, the pleasure lies in observing visual resemblances, small peculiarities and unexpected transformations found in the “universes” placed within each cardinal direction. I hope this will be also for you a long journey, full of adventure, full of discoveries.